Showbox: Hollywood or Bollywood movie lovers searching for the best app to watch unlimited movies, TV shows, entertainments, Music videos on your Android device? Well, Showbox is one of the highest trending and popular apps to watch unlimited movies, TV shows and many more. Especially all the Android device users can watch their favorite movies in this app.


Showbox has thousands of videos stuff which you can watch as much as you want for free. You won’t need any registration or Sign Up process to watch via Showbox App because it’s totally free to watch for Android users. All you need to do is to Download and install it on your Android Device, start watching movies and TV shows.

But the thing is you don’t know the download process for your Android device, right? Just calm down, you will get the download process or steps to download Showbox app. Not only the Android users can access this Showbox app, all the iPhone or iOS device users can also watch unlimited movies and TV shows for free through this app. Showbox APK is officially available for both Android and iOS devices. But, firstly let us discuss the download process or steps for your Android device.

Download & Install Showbox APK for Android

showbox for android
Showbox Android

You can download and install the Showbox app on the Android device by following the steps or process given below. All you need to do is to read carefully and do it the same way as it says.

Step. 01 To run the Showbox App on Android device you must download the Showbox file. The download process is very easy, you can download the Showbox app by searching this app on Google and by visiting any trusted site. Once, you finished the downloading process successfully, then you need to install on your Android to watch free movies and shows.

Step. 02Next, Select the “Settings” option of your Android device, then go to the “Security” option and enable the “Unknown Sources”. Different kinds of Android devices Unknown Sources location have in various place. You must find out and enable it.

unknown resources
Unknown Sources

Step. 03 Now, open your SD or External memory card of your Android device and find out the downloaded Showbox.apk file. Just click on it or see the image below.

external memory card

External Memory Card

Step. 04 Once, you select the Showbox.apk file, just tap on the “Next” to accept all the terms and conditions of the show box App. See the image below.

terms and conditions
Terms and Conditions

Step. 05 After that click on the “Install” button and it will take a few minutes to install successfully on your Android device.  

install successfully
Install Successfully

Step. 06 Finally, it’s installed on your Android device, now if you want to watch unlimited movies and TV shows immediately, then you can tap on the “Open” button when the installation process finished. You can click on the “Done” button to watch later.

Showbox iOS Download

Now, you’ve just downloaded Showbox App on your Android device, but What about iPhone or iOS device users. If you are an iPhone or iOS device follow the steps below. There are two types of process that you can use to download and install Showbox on your iPhone or iOS device. I will show you both the process steps. No need jailbreak.

You must download the Showbox on the iPhone or iOS device. Showbox App is available for free on the iOS device.

Step. 01You need to Download and Install the vShare to get movie box. Go to the Google Chrome and type vShare to download it.

Step. 02 Once you install the vShare app, open it and Click on the “Download Unjailbroken” at the left side of the vShare home screen. See the image below.

showbox for ios
Showbox for iOS

Step. 03 You will get “Install” button, click on it.

Step. 04 Now it will take several minutes to download and install the Showbox App on your iOS device. Once the process is completed successfully, find out the installed vShare app on your device.

Step. 05 Tap to open the vShare app, you will get the pop-up “Untrusted App Developer” as you are using it for the first time. Just click on the “Trust” button. See the image below.

trusted app developer ios
Trusted App iOS

Step. 06 Once you opened the app, type “Movie Box” in the search bar and do the search.

moviebox for ios
Moviebox for iOS

Step. 07 Tap on the Movie Box App, see the image below.


Step. 08 Once you tapped on the Movie Box App, it will start downloading automatically. If you finished with the download process, then you will get the pop-up notification. Click on the Movie Box “Install”. See the image below.

install moviebox
Install Moviebox

Step. 09 After that find out the installed Movie Box App on your device.

Step. 10 As you are using this app on your iOS device for the first time, you need to click on the “Trust” button.

Finally, it’s done and this is the first process to download/install the Showbox App on your iOS device. You can start watching unlimited movies and TV Shows from now on.

Process 2:

Step. 01 Tap on the Safari Web browser to open.

Step. 02 Type in the search box “Showbox app IPA for iOS” or “Movie Box app IPA for iOS”. (According to your iOS version).

Step. 03 You see the “Movie Box App”, click on the direct install button. See the image above.

This is the cheapest and easiest way to download the Showbox on your iOS device. Now it’s up to you to choose the downloading process for Showbox to watch limitless movies and TV shows.

Showbox is most popular and biggest platform for movies, TV Shows, Music videos etc. All you need to do is to download and install on your Android or iOS devices by following the steps given above. Once you installed it on your device, then you can start watching whatever you want from anywhere. But make sure that you have a good internet connection to cover up all the steps or process. You can even watch the latest movies in the Showbox app. Please let me know your opinion by commenting on the box below.

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