Showbox APK Latest v4.96 Version Download 2018

Showbox APK app is a cool Android app which is specifically designed to watch all types of movie clips. Meaning that, you can watch movies, TV shows and video clips without any problem. You do not need to wait until it buffers a HD video for you. It will not interrupt you from watching any movie. It is free to download for all types of Android devices and versions. We like to share some important information about this amazing Android app.

showbox apk

This app is now available as its latest version, under the version number of 4.96 You can download this app with a less memory allocation. Because it sizes only 39 MB. While you are downloading this app, it will only occupy about 10 seconds to download. And that is considered as a total download time to download this amazing app.

Features Of Showbox APK for Android.

As a quick look, let me tell you about all extraordinary features of showbox app.This app is light in weight. So you do not have to allocate a huge memory amount for this app. Showbox APK is a genuine app, you cannot find duplicates. It always comes in an original format. You can simply enjoy an unlimited number of movies by watching in HD quality. Users will have an ability to watch those movies by storing them to SD card or just getting them online through internet.

showbox apk app features

When considering about movie display quality of this app, it will show you movie clips ranging as 720 pixels which is considered ad HD. This app works properly and made a release on 27th June 2017.

Now it is a time to move into a detailed view. You can have a look at its features in a detailed view.

  • Showbox app is a small app which is light weighted. You can download this app in an easy manner.
  • Users will have an ability to use this app in an easy manner. And it is free to use also.
  • All movies, TV shows and all video clips of this amazing app gets a daily and a weekly updating procedure.
  • Users will have an ability to simply filter any movie by just specifying year, genre and rating with a specific type of that particular app.
  • Users will have an ability to watch movies along with subtitles from any language that they prefer to have. So you do not need to be worried about how to watch any movie with a different language.
  • When considering about the library of Showbox download, users will have an ability to add and manage all your favorite video clip and then movies and save them and watch them when you free.
  • Latest version of showbox Android app is offering a new feature connecting music also.
  • All movies of this showbox Android app are having an ability to view using any external video playing app such as MX player, any external video playing app which you are comfortable with. It can be VLC Media player also.
  • Users will have an ability to stream any video or movies through chromecast feature.
  • When considering about all latest versions regarding this app, they all have been fixed in a successful manner. So no worries regarding bugs.

How to download Showbox APK on your Android device?

showbox apk download

Showbox APK app is now available as in its latest version. You can download the latest version of this app as 4.96 version. Users will have an ability to download this app for absolutely free. So make sure to download this app from this website. This page will offer you a legal download and 100% working download. You can download this app by just clicking on download button.


Then you can download a latest version regarding this app. This particular app can be used to watch any movie clip without any lagging. Showbox app was updated on 27th of June of 2017. You can download this file as it sizes 39 MB. If you need to download Showbox Apk on your Android device, then make sure to download it from our website. Why are we saying this? This is because, you cannot download it from Google playstore. So you have to download an apk file to install this app. There are so many versions of this app. You can download a latest version easily.

How to install Showbox download on your device?

Showbox APK downloading process is easy to handle. But you have to keep certain things on your mind, before moving out to this installation process.

Step 01.First of all, Go to Settings > Security > Turn on ‘Unknown Sources‘ (This step may vary depending on Android version or device but basically you will need to turn on the option that allows you to install non-market apps)

showbox apk unknown sources

Step 02. You have to download a latest showbox app in a form of apk version. And you can do it from our website itself.ShowBox APK Download
Step 03. Then, you have to open that apk file and then run that particular app setup and then, you have to click on install button.

showbox apk install
Ok, so if you make up to this step, then you can simply open and use this app within two minutes of time.that is it.

showbox apk installed

Now you can enjoy this app and watch movie clip as much as you like to.We recommend you to scan any file that you have just downloaded. Latest version of showbox download is a light file in terms of its size. So you can scan for its viruses in a few seconds.

How to use Showbox APK on your device?

Showbox APK app is 100% free from any virus or malware attacks. You can trust this app, because you are downloading it from this website. So we invite you to download this app from our website and install it on your Android device without any problem.

In order to use this app on computer devices which runs a Windows operating system as the operating system, you need to use an emulator app. Because in a PC, you cannot run any Android app. For that, you have to have an emulator app which supports you to run Android apps without any problem. We suggest you to use an emulator app such as Manymo or Bluestacks app. So that you can run this Android app through that emulator.

When considering about showbox iOS for iOS devices, you need to search this app on Cydia downloads section. This is recommended if you do not have jailbroken your Apple device.

Using showbox for Mac computer or showbox for Windows PC, you have to use it through chrome remote screen.

When considering about latest version of Showbox download, it has been enabled with music streaming also. This means, you can search for music through internet just using this app. But this feature is still in beta version.

You can always download the showbox app download for several devices through this website for absolutely free. And then, you can enjoy for unlimited entertainment just through your Android device.

FAQ regarding Showbox app.

There are so many questions which are rising with development of Showbox app. You need to find answers regarding all those questions, so then only you can use this app in an accurate way. Below are some FAQ’s which will help you to understand about this app.

1. An error occurs saying install failed because of an invalid apk file. Why this happens?

This specific error is arising mostly when you try to install Showbox app along with Bluestacks emulator app. But when you use an updated version, then you likely not getting this error. So what you have to do is, try to reinstall Bluestacks emulator app and try again installing showbox app. This process will take a time, but you have to wait for good results. Some users suggest to use rooted version of this bluestacks app. But we cannot guarantee on its efficiency.

2. How to get latest version of showbox app?

If you got this app on your device already, it will show you a pop up that a new version is available. If you are new, you can download a latest version from this site.

3. Why app size is getting increased rapidly?

This app has a structure which gets revised frequently. And that is to optimize user experience, along with new features. So that it happens to increase disk size of this app. And also, this task will involve some security concerns also. But you can use this app without any fear.

4. Can users, remove ads from this app?

Ads are annoying at any time. You can discover and download any modified version of Showbox app to get rid of ads. MOD apps have blocked ads. If not, you can configure some apps like APK studio. It will have a detailed method of remove ads.

5. Why users sometimes cannot uninstall Showbox app?

This particular question arises when you try to uninstall this app in some instances. This happens, in such situations that this app is given administrative privileges. And then you have to remove them. What you can do is, you have to navigate to apps section on your Android device settings menu. There you can see cog and then go to configuration menu. Now, you can simply disable that admin privileges on this app. And then uninstall showbox app easily.

6. Why movies and videos are not loading or lagging?

Sometimes, some particular movies may be bad copies. Such as a camera copy. Or URL of movie is taking time to load. Make sure that you have enough RAM capacity on your Android device. If not, movie clip will take a huge time to load.

And that is all about Showbox app. We hope that this discussion is helpful. Make sure to download showbox app from our website.

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